Central Detroit Christian Community Development Corporation (CDC) is a non-profit, faith based organization committed to empowering people, creating positive opportunities for the community and loving our neighbors as ourselves.


“Once again, men and women of ripe old age will sit in the streets . . . the city streets will be filled with boys and girls there. This is what the Lord Almighty says!”
-Zechariah 8:4-5


To transform individuals to reach their highest potential while transforming the community to be a place of peace and wholeness, “Shalom”.

About the Founder

Lisa is the Founder, and former Executive Director of Central Detroit Christian Community Development Corporation (CDC), a non-profit organization that she co-founded with Melvin Green in 1993. Central Detroit Christian CDC follows the tenets of the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA), relocate, reconcile, and redistribute. Lisa believes deep in her heart that the only way to serve a neighborhood is to live there and be a neighbor.

Detroit has been a racially and economically divided city for decades. Healing this divide takes time, presence, mutual trust, love and prayer. Redistribution of resources to remediate the resource and economic gap is a natural extension of the blessings we have received.

Central Detroit Christian CDC has aggregated resources from partner churches, our supporters, and foundations to help our neighbors get into affordable homes, learn new skills to get a job, get a house painted, and provide assistance during a crisis. Sometimes this means taking calls in the middle of the night to pray for and console a family that lost a loved one. Sometimes this means lending a helping hand during a time of need. Relocation, reconciliation and redistribution work together in Central Detroit to create peace (Shalom). Lisa, and her staff, strive towards the same goal, Shalom in the neighborhood and to hear Christ say, “Well done good and faithful servant!”

Lisa is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute and Wheaton College with a major in Education and Bible and a graduate of John Marshall Law School. Lisa’s husband Dan is active in several ministries, including The Urban Ministry Institute, TUMI, and Bring Our Men Back, BOMB Squad and Kingsmen, while holding down a job as an electrician. They have two children, Justin and Emma and many non-biological children. They live where they serve in central Detroit.

The Staff

Arleen Allen

Pathways of Promise
Center Director

Aprila Ringo

Education Department Assistant

Cathy Bindschadler

City Kids Soup Manager

Dan Johanon

Solid Rock Property Management
Property Maintenace Lead

Erica Mixon

Community Advocate

Evan Neubacher

Garden Production Manger

Fikre Prince

Executive Director

Helen Logan


Jonathan Shropshire

Manager, Youth Employment
& R.E.A.D.Y. Program

Joshua Price

Solid Rock Property Management
Property Maintenance

Justin Johanon

Manager, Fit & Fold

Lisa Johanon

Founder, Housing Director, Funds Development

Lissy Gangwer

Pathways of Promise, Asst. Director

Marietta Perry

Property Manager, Solid Rock Property Managment

Matt Corbin

Property Manager, Solid Rock Property Management

Megan Trulock

Education Programs

Micah Williams

Middle School Program Leader

Mimi Jamila Trent

Housing Counselor

Nate Gangwer

Operations Director, Volunteer Coordinator

Nate Phillips

Solid Rock Property Management
Property Manager

Rick Sailes

Construction Manager

Sarah Johnson

Finance Director

Stephanie Avery

Education Director

Stephanie Williams

Housing Resource Intake Specialist

Tracy Smith

Housing Counselor, Financial Wellness Coach

Tabitha Ramos

Peaches & Greens Produce Operations Manager

Uclesha Ray

Peaches & Greens Produce Market Manager

Board of Directors

Denise Gray (Chair of the Board)
Committee: Governance
Affiliation: 36th District Court; COMMUNITY

Marilyn Williams
Committee: Development
Affiliation: Retired from State of Michigan; COMMUNITY

James Ewing
Committee: Fund Development
Affiliation: J Ewing, LLC

Joy Greer
Committee: Fund Development
Affiliation: United Health Care

Quincy Jones (Treasurer)
Committee: Finance
Affiliation: Osborn Neighborhood Association, Community

Sarah Pavelko (Vice Chair)
Committee: Governance
Affiliation: DEGC; COMMUNITY

Jonathan Wynne
Committee: Governance
Affiliation: Kingdom Concepts

Adam Smart
Committee: Fund Development
Affiliation: Verde Capital Management

Courtney Eldridge
Committee: Governance
Affiliation: Huntington Bank

Sean White
Committee: Fund Development
Affiliation: United Way

Keona Cowan
Committee: Finance Committee
Affiliation: Invest Detroit

Renard Wilson
Committee: Fund Development
Affiliation: Community

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