CDC Offers Assistance and Education for Prospective Detroit Homebuyers

CDC Offers Assistance and Education for Prospective Detroit Homebuyers

CDC to Meet Challenge

It’s an exciting time for Detroit homebuyers – and those already living in the city. There has been a revitalization of the downtown and mid-town areas, with businesses popping up, restaurants opening, and new stadiums being built for the city’s professional sports teams.

Over the past decade, visionaries have helped to rehab Detroit, making it a destination place for sporting events and concerts, evenings out at the casinos, walks on the Riverwalk, festivals at Campus Martius, numerous bicycle paths and more. Energized by the revitalization, several entrepreneurs have started their businesses in the city or moved their headquarters downtown.


Continuing the positive momentum of the city’s rebirth is the encouraging sign of people both wanting to put down roots in their own neighborhoods by purchasing a home or Michigan residents wanting to return to the city not only for recreation but to make Detroit “home.” According to a WDIV Channel 4 story, there is a 98% occupancy rate in the downtown area. (SOURCE: WDIV Channel 4; 10 February 2017 ). Lofts, apartments, and condos have been blending old and new Detroit architecture, and young professionals are filling them. However, there is a need for good, affordable homes and vibrant communities to help rebuild neighborhoods and the funding to make those possible.

There Can Be Obstacles For Detroit Homebuyers…

And that’s where Central Detroit Christian (CDC) rises up to meet that challenge. By empowering individuals and families, CDC provides education and support to those wanting to purchase and rehab a home in Detroit.

“We are excited to support the city of Detroit. You can be part of the revitalization and move your own dreams of home ownership forward – receive education from the CDC on the how to’s of purchasing a home in Detroit,” said Lisa Johanon, Founder/Executive Director of CDC.

Central Detroit Christian, a qualified HUD Counselor, is a non-profit, faith-based organization dedicated to communities and individuals. Their partnership with the Detroit Land Bank Authority, is helping homebuyers through obstacles with counseling, financing, and home repair assistance, while rehabilitating vacant and abandoned homes and developing new homes. In a manner of speaking, the entities are working together to re-establish the strong bonds of neighborhoods within the city.

Our Mission Is To ‘Educate, Employ and Empower’

“CDC teaches new skills and offers employment readiness programs to help employ our neighbors in local businesses. By doing so, we can accelerate the rebirth of Detroit’s neighborhoods,” said Johanon.

The resources provided by CDC Bank will go a long way in restoring neighborhoods and offering people the ability to purchase and renovate affordable homes. Working with the Detroit Land Bank, potential homeowners have options and assistance in purchasing homes to be renovated. Additionally, vacant lots are for sale, and homeowners are able to purchase these, enhancing them with community gardens, expanding their own properties and keeping blight at bay.

During a panel discussion that was broadcast on Detroit Public Television, Detroit Land Bank Authority’s Director of Public Affairs, Craig Fahle, explained that “Every dollar that the Land Bank spends is in the neighborhoods. Not downtown; midtown. It’s in the neighborhoods.” (Source: Rebuilding Detroit’s Neighborhoods | One Detroit Roadshow Clip, 28 March 2017 ).

  • Central Detroit Christian is committed to helping families restore homes, neighborhoods and – most importantly – hope. Each time someone looks to truly invest in their community – both financially and by living there – a true revitalization happens. A positive impact that has a ripple effect from starting with a home; encompassing a block, and restoring a community.



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