CDC Restores Home and Lives too!

CDC Restores Home and Lives too!

CDC Restores Homes and Lives too!

Central Detroit Christian has been in the housing restoration business for many years rehabbing over 200 homes to date.  For the past year we have been able to rehab homes and people too.  CDC Construction, our own construction company headed by Rick Sailes, has been rehabbing houses we own with a revolving crew of men from our community.  We say revolving because the goal is to skill them up enough that they get employment on a construction crew elsewhere, and its working one life at time!

Meet Jacob

Jacob took our construction training class and was one of the few who stayed to the end to graduate.  It takes discipline.  He took on employment with CDC Construction upon graduation getting on the job training by working on construction projects/houses we are rehabbing.  He excelled and became the go-to guy when Rick, our construction manager was not around.  Showed up on time and stayed till the job was done.  Tom, our painting instructor was impressed with his painting skills too.  Well, all good things must come to an end in this program as Jacob has been skilled up and ready for the workforce.  He left the nest and got a construction job outside of CDC a couple of months ago and is making more money too!  That’s our goal with all of our businesses –to employ hard to employ people, develop them and then send them out into the world to be a contributing member of society–able to take care of themselves through employment.  The good news for us is that Jacob comes back and volunteers almost weekly.  Jacob, we are sooo proud of you. 

110-112 Blaine

A side by side duplex that Jacob worked on a lot!

669-71 W. Euclid

Another project Jacob worked on!


The many ministries and programs that make up CDC are only made possible by the financial support of friends like you.  We depend on your YEAR END giving to help us make up for many months of financial shortfalls.  You can keep us renovating lives by donating today!  CDC has been serving in the center of the  ‘D’ for over 24 years—thanks to the sacrificial giving of friends like you.