Teens (6th – 12th grade)

Central Detroit Christian exists to empower people and create positive opportunities in the central Detroit Community. We do this through Education, Employment & Economic Development.

Ground Zero

For grades 6-12, Ground Zero is a program where middle school and high school students in central Detroit would collide with Jesus, community, and opportunity that would change their lives forever.

Contact: Micah Williams at 313-550-8948 or mwilliams@nullcentraldetroitchristian.org

The READY Program

The READY (Recruit, Employ, Advance, and Deploy Youth) education and employment program partners with GDYT (Grow Detroit Youth Talent) to employ 175 students and young adults each summer. It places students from our community in rigorous work experiences, while providing professional development in resume building, career mapping, and leadership development. Students who complete our program earn a competitive summer wage, and build valuable experience to take with them into the workforce.

For High School Juniors & Seniors

Contact: Jonathan Shropshire at 313-873-0064 X21