Infants to Preschool

Central Detroit Christian exists to empower people and create positive opportunities in the central Detroit Community. We do this through Education, Employment & Economic Development.

Home Visitation

Home Visitation program uses Parents as Teachers curricula to teach parents how to be their child’s first teacher, by  supporting early childhood development and helping parents with the challenges of family life. All home visits are scheduled with a parent educator at your home or our program site.

Home Visitation: Schedule with Tanisha Finley
Contact: Tanisha Finley – 313-873-0064, x14,

Parent Connect Groups

Parent Connect Groups provide opportunities for parents to develop strong social networks with other parents. We focus on strengthening parenting skills, developing positive interactions with your child, and understanding your child’s developmental needs for ages 0 – 6 years old.

Parent Connect Groups: 1st & 2nd Thursday, 5:30pm-7pm
Contact: Tanisha Finley – 313-873-0064, x14,

Hopemakers Group

Hopemakers Group offers life skills training for parents. You will learn how to reach your life goals. We believe in the power of parents as role models for their children.

Hopemakers Group: TBD
Contact: Tanisha Finley – 313-873-0064, x14,

Preschool Prep Learning Club

Preschool Prep Learning Club is a kindergarten readiness program for preschoolers three to five years old. Your preschooler will experience a classroom setting and gain essential skills for entering into Kindergarten or preschool program. As the preschoolers are engaged in highly-interactive learning, parents receive training to prepare their children for kindergarten.

Preschool Prep Learning Club: 2nd Saturday, 10:30am-2:30pm

Contact: Lissy Gangwer – 313-873-0064, x14,